Sunday, February 12, 2012

Comments from the Hailey 50...

The kit was nice fabrics and
trims and the pattern was easy, I actually made the gown from the pieces not
even looking at the CD. I hope to get the robe made this weekend.
Just finished the robe,
it went together for me pretty easy I did put in the CD just to see if
following the instructions would be easier. It was all simple directions to me
Nora Stockman

I have 5 Hailey's made! One is mine
and 4 are for the special little girls in my life!!!! They are sharing the
excitement with me!

I made the PJs. They
were very easy to make and turned out so cute. I am almost done with my Hailey
and will be able to send my pictures. I am so happy i am doing this project. I
can hardly wait for the next kit. Thank you very much for this project that i
am enjoying a lot.

You ask how everyone was coming along with Hailey---- I made mine
using the sew-in limbs and when I make another one and I will I will use the
string method for the arms and the sew-in for the legs. Reason being that my
arms stand out too far from the body. I used the small eyes with a fur wig and
she is adorable. Have pics and will send before long. The robe gave me fits
with the collar facing. Not sure if it is right still, but will make another
one for Hailey #2. My problem was with attaching the facing and doing the top
stitching and getting the collar to turn back and lay right around her neck. I
made the gown and I guess she ate too many cookies because she needed another
velcro strip where the skirt seam is. I added that and all is well. I have been
sewing since I was 6 yr. old ( making doll clothes from my mothers dish
towels-- that did not go well with her !) so that gives me 73 yrs of
experience. I sew on a Bernina 730 and have enjoyed making Hailey and several
of your other dolls. Looking forward to her next dress.
Pat Conner

Hi Vicky,
I'm loving the Hailey project, Hailey by far has been the easiest doll to make
for me and the style and size of her limbs made sculpting much easier and a
nicer result.
The PJ's pattern, I have so far made the Nighty and it was a pretty basic
pattern and easy to follow but I did struggle to understand parts of the robe
pattern, especially the extra strip sewn around the opening and neck... (having
a blank as to what it's called). I think I messed that bit up a little but I
got there in the end and she's wearing her robe and all snuggly.
I've loved Hailey so much I made myself another so I have both versions...
It would be great to see more ladies involved in the blog.
Kind regards
Tracy Keans

Hi Vicki,
So far I love
everything you have sent, but unfortunately I haven't even made my doll. I have
had so many things come up that I don't know when I will get to everything. I
do look it all over and think the instructions look easy enough. Sorry I can't
give you more input. Everything is in a box waiting for "free time".
Hopefully this summer I can start getting her together. :)
Hope everyone else
is surpassing your expectations!

Hi Vicki

I received my sleep wear kit at the
end of January, I loved the pattern and the fact that I could choose either the
pj's or nightgown

I decided to make the nightgown but
with short sleeves, the instructions were really easy to follow for both the
nightgown and robe, I will probably make the pj's too.

The fabric you sent with the kit was
perfect for sleepwear.

I do have a question though, would
you consider selling the flannel material on your website as I am struggling to
buy it in the UK.



Just a note to let you
know I am enjoying the Hailey Project. Today I am making 4 additional Hailey's
for the girls in my life. I hope to have at least 3 done by Valentines Day and
the 4th one is going to be a special Tooth Fairy doll for my granddaughter who
is about to lose her first tooth!

I think your patterns
and directions are quite easy to follow. The robe was easy for me because I
have made robes like this for my girls when they were young. Eventually, I hope
to make four more for the little girls I mentioned earlier. I can hardly wait
to see what the February project will be.

Thank you for creating
and sharing Hailey!


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  1. I just love all the dolls! I am so anxious to get started. Wish I had time right now. :)